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40 Things a Virtual Real Estate Assistant can do!

Are you planning on hiring a virtual assistant to help push your Real Estate business? Here is a list of 40 things a Virtual Real Estate Assistant can do!

Calendar Management, Schedule Showings, Schedule Open Houses, Follow Ups, Reverse Prospecting, Weekly and Monthly Updates, Congrats Letters, Send Gifts, Set Up Listing in MLS, Set Up Photography Appointment, Sign Install/Removal Requests, Send Card to Client Birthday/ Anniversary etc., Research Programs/Services, Call Help Centers For You, Website Development, Get Wiring Instructions, Prepare Comps, Order/Create Listing Brochures, Request Commission Statements, Proofreading, Blog Writing, Reach Out to FSBO, Updating/Maintain Contact Database, Research, Data Entry, Create Mailing Lists, Bookkeeping, Cold Calling, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Photoshop, Video Content Creation, Party Planner, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Creating Listing Presentations, Add Sold Listings to Zillow, Ask for Reviews, Attend Brokerage Meetings, Create Business Plan, Advertising Insights


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